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Requirement Gathering

Our experienced executives meet you and introduce you to MV. We gather your unique requirements. Our team observes your site and after the table discussion provide valuable suggestions regarding your product purchase so that you get the best deal and maximize the productivity of your purchase. After this, the procedure is explained to you in detail and every query is answered. We try our best to make you feel comfortable and we work according to requirements and convenience.

Product Sourcing

Once the detailed requirement is gathered and finalized, we forward the details to our team in China who starts working on your products. We then go for extensive research and analysis of your requirement. To avoid frauds from suppliers and save your time when you are in china, our specialized and experienced staff searches for the best and reliable suppliers for your products.
Once the sourcing of products is completed, day vise itinerary is planned and provided to you, and the number of days and schedule are finalized.

Market Survey

After your arrival in China we start working according to the schedule that has been finalized, and complete survey of the market is provided with our staff walking with you all the time. We help you understand the market of the particular product with respect to quality and budget. We aim to make you feel comfortable by providing complete transparency and freedom of choice according to your taste and budget. As your sourcing partner, we take complete responsibility to make you buy the right product. Our staff guides you about the quality and worth of the products you intend to purchase.
To make your purchase cost effective and to increase the profitability of your visit, we act as your negotiation partner. We make use of our good business relations in the market to help you get the best rates from the Chinese suppliers.

Payment Responsibility and Material Production

Next step after selection and negotiations is the purchase of goods. Deposit is required by the Chinese suppliers up to 25% of the total order amount. We take complete responsibility of your payment given to the suppliers.
Production time is important to deliver the goods on time at your doorsteps. Depending on the quantity of your order, the production time is decided and our inspection staff ensures that the material is produced within the time frame that is set. We also give you regular updates about the production status.

Quality Checks

Quality inspection is done by our staff at the production level and also at the loading area to ensure that the quality of the products is same as agreed with you in your deal. We also use experienced and qualified third party inspectors and we take full responsibility of the quality parameters that are defined in your deal. Other quality aspects like color, size, quantity, dimensions, workmanship, weight, and any other specifics are also checked during the inspection.

Container Planning and Loading

All the material purchased is compiled at one place and loaded in a container. To optimize the shipping costs, we plan the loading of consignment according to the weight and cubic meter of the products. We also provide part shipment services if the volume of goods is less than the full container load capacity. We also try to get the best rates for the export transportation in order to provide you cost effective prices.
Last inspection in China is done at the time of loading, and complete care is taken to avoid any damages to the goods. Packaging is also checked to ensure there are no damages during transit. As soon as the container is loaded on the ship, we provide you with a tracking number so that you can track the location of your goods.

Custom Clearance

We provide all the assistance related to custom clearing in China and in India. Ship tracking, inspection, documentation, terminal handling and all other aspects of custom clearance is handled by us. We also have our support offices in India that make all the necessary arrangements to receive your consignment in India.

Timely and Safe Delivery to your Doorsteps

We are a one stop solution for all your import needs and we ensure timely and safe delivery of your products right from the supplier’s location to your doorsteps.

Trade Fair and Exhibition Tours

Several trade fairs and exhibitions are organized in China every year. These exhibitions have a number of suppliers of different products under one roof. We provide our customers with all the necessary assistance for a visit to these exhibitions

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